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If you don't get an answer from us within 24 hours, we may have not received your booking request because of any technical problem. In this case please resend your request in an e-mail (not by using the booking form)

Arrival time: Please note, we have only 4 guestrooms and therefore we do not have nonstop reception; for this reason we need to know your estimated arrival time. We will be in the hostel to let you in (check-in) at the time you informed us about in the reservation form. We will wait for you for 2 hours. If you did not inform us about your delay earlier, and you arrive more than 2 hours later (or much earlier than reported to us), you may not be able to check in and need to call (sms) us at any of our contact number: +36-20 929-6911 Our staff will arrive then in 30-45 minutes to let you in (check in). To avoid waiting for us we suggest you to inform us in advance about any change in your arrival time. In this case you can spare time for you and for us. Thank you!

- Sending this form does not mean that your booking is confirmed. You need to get a confirmation from us to validate your booking.

- Groups can also book at our hostel!

- If you request, we can arrange city tours, excursions, activities to you for much less money, if you let us know in advance.